We offer a wide range of services from scaffold alarms to providing remote commercial CCTV systems for on site or scaffolding.

Positioning of Equipment

Positioning of Equipment

The sensors are generally positioned on the first boarded lift or at ladder openings in order to detect and intruder crossing the beam. Once the beam is broken, the alarm is triggered, sounding the bell, complete with flashing strobe, up to a maximum of 15 minutes, to comply with legislation. The bell time is pre-determined, usually between 5-10 minutes, after which the system automatically resets. The alarm system has a tamper protection system and the sensors cannot be triggered by animals, rain or falling leaves, avoiding false detection.

Systems can be expanded to have additional ‘detection zones’ and if you require key holders to receive notification of activation or tamper, please ask for the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) type of control panel, Our Dual Com panels use a World SIM Card to ensure adequate 3G reception.

Building Site Security Systems

Building Site Security Systems

Installation and application of the right building site security systems protects you and your property from the vandalism and theft that effects much of the construction industry resulting in increasing costs and adding to the time it takes to complete a job. The high value of heavy site machinery and tools makes building sites an attractive prospect to thieves and often they are viewed as an easy target.

Site and Yard Security

Site and Yard Security

Our systems can also protect your site or yard from unwanted intruder. Depending on the application, different types of sensors & lights can be mounted in various ways in order to detect to detect intruders trying to gain access.

Systems are always tailor-made to suit and act as an active deterrent to even the most persistent intruder.

Site Alarms

Site Alarms

We can also help you protect your site from unwanted access, protecting the premises, plant and equipment from theft. There are various options available:- Alarm control boxes can be mounted inside or outside in waterproof/tamperproof enclosures. Keypads which are used to set and unset the alarm system can be mounted in anti-vandal/watertight lockable boxes, for ease of access and speech diallers can be added to inform you, or up to 4 other nominated people, of a onsite alarm activation.

All site alarms have an anti-tamper circuit, which is operational 24 hours and a full battery back up in case of power failure.

What makes Us the best choice?

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

    We are proud to say that we have the most experienced and qualified IT experts who work hard to help you.

  • Realiability


    Many of our customers are understandably worried about the vulnerability associated with scaffolding being erected against their properties

  • Wide range solutions

    Wide range solutions

    We offer a wide range of scaffold alarm solutions.

  • High quality standards

    High quality standards

    We aim to provide our customers with top quality products and service.

  • Wireless Systems

    Wireless Systems

    When activated by an intruder, the system is triggered and 10 second live view video burst is transmitted via GPRS to our Alarm Receiving Centre

  • Dual Com

    Dual Com

    Signalls to the 24 hour monitoring call center when alarm activates. Keyholder will be notified immediately.

  • Church Roof Security Systems

    Church Roof Security Systems

    Stop Alarms believe roof alarms provide the best deterrent to metal and lead thieves especially on churches.

  • Up-to-date technology

    Up-to-date technology

    Our quality alarms are fitted with the latest up-to-date technology.

  • Highly trained engineers

    Highly trained engineers

    Stop Scaffolding Alarms highly trained engineers can protect your site with an insurance approved scaffold alarm systems.

  • Inexpensive solutions

    Inexpensive solutions

    Stop Alarms can offer you an inexpensive solution to any of your security worries, by installing one of our temporary alarm or security bulk head lighting systems to any premises that may be under threat.

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